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Building the foundation for the next generation of stonework.

About The Real Stone Society

We believe in educating people about the benefits of real stone

Real Stone Society is not only a non-profit organization; it’s a dedicated advocate for the virtues of real stone. Our ethos is centered on educating individuals about the manifold benefits inherent in authentic stone materials. We are driven by a profound passion for genuine stone and unwaveringly committed to disseminating knowledge and fostering transparent partnerships.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to furnish accurate information and cultivate relationships founded on honesty. We firmly believe in equipping you with the insights necessary to understand and embrace real stone in your endeavors. Through our endeavors, we aim to empower individuals to integrate the beauty and functionality of genuine stone into their projects, all while fostering connections rooted in integrity and authenticity.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, as we delve into the unparalleled beauty and myriad advantages of authentic stone. Together, let us explore the boundless possibilities and enduring allure of genuine stonework.


Take a deep dive into the proposal with our video.

Our Mission






Enjoy these exclusive benefits as a member of the Real Stone Society

1. Networking Opportunities: Gain access to a diverse network of professionals in the stone working industry, fostering connections and collaborations.

2. Reliability and Recognition: Our certification serves as a hallmark of quality and expertise, elevating your company’s reputation within the industry.

3. Training and Educational Resources: Access valuable training programs and staffing opportunities provided by the Real Stone Society, empowering you to expand your skills and knowledge.

4. Advocacy and Representation: Benefit from our advocacy efforts, amplifying the voice of our members in industry-related regulations and policies, and ensuring your company’s concerns are heard and addressed effectively.